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Support Facilities

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Cairns Orthopaedic Specialists operate on a regular basis at the following fully accredited facilities.

Cairns Private Hospital

Cairns Private Hospital benefits from being part of Ramsay Health Care Group, Ramsay Health Care is one of the largest and most respected private hospital operators in the country.

The Cairns Private Hospital is used for day, overnight and longer stay patients, for surgeries ranging in complexity. Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic surgeons, Dr Morrey, Dr Pozzi , Dr Parkinson and Dr Downes have multiple weekly sessions.

For major surgery and those patients with co-morbidities, Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic patients participate in the Cairns Private Hospital's Pre-Admission Clinic. If appointments with other medical specialists are considered necessary, these are arranged. If required blood tests, swab tests and ECG's are also arranged.

Cairns Hospital (Previously Cairns Base Hospital)

Due to the public services given, our surgeons are offered the right to provide private surgical services at the Cairns Hospital, but it must be stressed that there are very few sessions available to them (less than 6) in any one calendar year, and these are subject to cancellation. This is referred to as an intermediate list. As with the other facilities, day, overnight and long stay patients are treated. If you are seeking public treatment you are best being referred by your GP to the Public Hospital. Referral to Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic does not influence or expedite the public process.

The Wesley Pain Management Clinic

Use of this facility is upon referral by our surgeons.