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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Acute Injury Clinic - Twice weekly- your referrer should fax their referral to 4040 6201 to be triaged for the next available acute clinic.

After Hours

Our answering machine will inform you of whom to contact after hours. However, in the event of an emergency dial 000 or present immediately to your nearest hospital or emergency department.


Referral from your General Practitioner or treating doctor will be triaged by our specialists. If your referral is from your GP or another specialist you are able to claim a rebate through Medicare.

If you wish to be treated at the Cairns Hospital as a public patient referral from your health practitioner will need to be directed to the Cairns Hospital. If you wish for your treatment to be covered by the public hospital you must seek referral to the Cairns Hospital from your treating health practitioner.

Consultation and Fees

Our reception staff are able to provide costs for initial and follow up consultations at the time of making your appointment.

All consultation fees are to be paid on the day of your appointment.

If you are registered with Medicare you can obtain a rebate on these fees through us or a Medicare office.

Our clinic does not offer discounts for Health Card Holders.

Please feel free to contact our rooms on 4040 6200 for information on charges.

Further information on understanding health care and its costs can be found here: Informed Financial Consent Guide


Until you have had a consultation and the surgical treatment is established by the surgeon we are unable to provide you with an estimate of costs for any surgical procedure.

After you have been examined by your surgeon, and a surgical option is determined, we are then able to provide you with a fully itemised estimate. This will outline your surgeon's fees, based on the proposed surgery, the rebates from Medicare and your private health fund, and the out of pocket expenses you will incur for surgery.

You are responsible for contacting the Anaesthetist and relevant hospital or day surgery (contact details will be given at time of surgery booking) to be fully informed on their proposed surgery costs also. Our clinic does not participate in “no gap” arrangements.

Other Insurers - Third Party Claims

Details of your approved claim must be advised prior to attendance in rooms. Patients with a third party claim are required to provide a guarantee of payment before consultation. If you are unable to provide these details you will be required to cover the cost of the consultation.

Appointment Checklist

  • Confirm your appointment by phone/email or sms.
  • Complete Patient Registration Form - save time and register here.
  • Please bring X-rays, scan films or disc and any other relevant information regarding your condition.
  • Those patients that have no disc or films will need to contact the relevant GP or radiology clinic to arrange collection of a copy prior to their appointment.

Patient Understanding

What to do if I don't understand?
Your initial consultation can provide a lot of information on your condition. If you feel that you do not have complete understanding or have further questions, we recommend the following options:

  • Request a review appointment to discuss your concerns.
  • Contact the clinic with your concerns and/or questions. If at the time staff are unable to assist, a message will be passed onto your surgeon or it may be suggested that you organise a review appointment.


If you have any feedback or are unhappy, please contact the Practice Manager on 4040 6240.

Medical Encyclopedia

To obtain further information about your condition, we suggest visiting our orthopaedic encyclopedia link. This will bring you to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' website. This site may be useful and help to answer any questions you may have. However, please be assured that you can contact our rooms with any questions or concerns.