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Working With Your Physio

On the 17th May 2021 Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic had another well-attended education event for local physiotherapists. 


Topics for the evening covered a variety of orthopaedic issues as they present at physiotherapy clinics.


Dr Chris Morrey      

- Labral tears and CAM lesions

- Disc bulges in the lumbar spine - changes that occur with age which are not pathological


Dr Ben Parkinson

- Role Of Lateral Tenodesis In ACL Reconstruction

- Psychosocial Factors And Suitability For Surgical Treatment


Dr Robert Pozzi      

- Expected longevity for various joint replacements - Update on the latest research

- When does SLAP need surgery - when should biceps be cut?



We enjoy the collegiate relationship with have with various practices in Far North Queensland. Working together for optimal outcomes for our patients.



04 August, 2021